We manufacture flat dies for different types of die-cutting machines

Every die is manufactured considering the material to be cut and the customer’s die-cutting machine, whether it is manual or automatic equipment.

The perfect match of materials per every die

Just as the packages are different and suitable for each product and need, in the same way, every die is manufactured according to the material to be cut and the customer’s die-cutting machine, whether manual or automatic. This allows the best use of the processes as well as the time invested in starting up the die and machine production.

We have a wide variety of materials, and the best results in quality and production are obtained from the perfect match in wood, blades and ejector rubber.

In our project gallery, you will find many examples of different dies and the product obtained from them. If you can’t find something similar to what you are looking for, please contact us, and we will gladly offer you a solution.

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We are always ready to listen to your project, and we're able to offer you a suitable solution for your needs. Therefore, contact us to accompany you on your next project.


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We manufacture flat dies for all types of die-cutting machines: BOBST and similar, Thompson type, roller and hydraulic.

We develop flat dies to obtain folding boxes, corrugated cardboard, packaging in general and thermoforming. We also support the automotive industry in manufacturing dies for cutting different materials, such as foam, coroplast and textiles.

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