Our Process


The path from an idea to a finished product

It all starts when we receive an idea from our customers that we must transform into a tangible, fully functional, high-quality product that solves a need.

Our highly qualified team gets to work to transform an idea into a product.

Our Process

Engineering & Design

Upon receiving a request, we begin developing the project in our Engineering and Design department, where we advise our clients on the preparation of packaging, design and manufacturing a prototype using powerful specialized design software.

Laser Cut

Once the prototype is approved, we send the design to our Laser Cut area, which is produced with first-quality wood specially treated for this purpose. The precise cut is made in terms of thickness and depth where the blades and ejector rubber should be placed.

Die Production

Depending on the part to be produced, it is sent to the corresponding area to be treated by specialists from the department, whether it is machining, cutting and bending of blades with specialized robots, production of punches, welding of parts, grinding or lathe of the same.

CNC Ruter

If your project requires the use of steel or phenolic counterparts; the design is transferred to our specialists in the operation of this powerful CNC router for the production of unique parts used to make the required fold marks on the packaging


Most dies in the packaging industry are accompanied by an ejector rubber, designed and precisely cut, providing firmness and stability to the die. We have ejector rubber of different densities depending on the project’s requirements.