The die-cutting process in the packaging industry

Die cutting is a popular manufacturing process in the packaging industry.

Chances are, if you’re not a packaging expert, you probably don’t have a good idea of what the die-cutting process actually is.

Do not worry, you’re not the only one!

Die-cutting originated from letterpress printing and evolved into a more specific manufacturing process.

The die-cutting process in packaging uses a die to cut materials into a variety of different shapes, designs, and patterns.

It is most commonly used for, but not limited to, the manufacture of folding cartons.

Companies use die-cutting to create unique custom packaging tailored to their brand narratives and customer experience.

It is a very valuable process as it is easier, faster and more cost-effective to produce customized packaging in large quantities, making it a win-win situation for manufacturers and companies alike.

Here we will cover everything you need to know to better understand the die cutting process.

What is a die?

To understand the die cutting process, it is important to understand the components used to carry out the manufacturing.

So what exactly is a die?

A die is a specialized tool used to cut and shape packaging materials using a press.

You can think of a die as a «mold» that is the specific shape needed to cut your product packaging into custom shapes.

Ultimately, the first step in making your custom packaging is designing a die.

A die is created using tooling and die makers, such as ServiSuajes, to form your custom die before it is mounted on a press.

Can dies be used more than once?

Yes, it is indeed recommended!

Once a die is created, it can be used multiple times on the press to produce large volumes of packaging, making it much more profitable for a business.

Supongamos que tienes 3 productos, todos los cuales vienen en la misma estructura de empaque pero con diferentes diseños de arte para la diferenciación del producto.

You really only need 1 die to create thousands of boxes.

The die-cutting process is very effective in creating unique custom packaging that ultimately becomes a staple to your brand narrative.

Understanding the die cutting process

Think of a die as a giant cookie cutter that is pressed into the desired material to create your custom packaging.

At ServiSuajes, advances in technology and manufacturing techniques in the die-cutting process have allowed us to create more effective and precise designs in the dies.

A computer aided design (CAD) usually creates a packaging schematic and allows digitized drawings of your die line to be transferred onto the die board which is made of wood.

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